Saturday, November 28, 2020
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5 tips to maintain faux leather chesterfield sofa.

Maintaining Your Faux Leather Chesterfield Sofa: A Handy Guide

Chesterfield Sofas continue looking fresh and provide years of service if maintained properly. So, how does one upkeep a faux leather Chesterfield Sofa? What are the most important tips you should keep...

4 Tips to Make the Best out of your Online Furniture Shopping Experience at...

Online furniture shopping can be a scary experience for some. That's why we’re here to share 4 Tips to make the best out of your online furniture shopping experience at Bedandbasics.

3 Hacks to Maximise Small Bedroom Spaces

A small bedroom is a pretty delicate ecosystem, often on the brink of total chaos. One wrong addition to the space, and it'll become a total mess! It's not even just about...

6 Home Decor Tips for A Cosy Living Room

Whether everyone in the house is gathered at the dining table, settled down for movie night, or having the ultimate dance-off - the living room is the focus of most family time in...
Space Savings Furniture

5 Tips for Buying a Sofa for Small Spaces

Living in Singapore means that space is always limited. Finding a sofa that flatters small rooms can be challenging. As part of our #BetterWithBasics guide, here are 5...