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Highly Collaborative Work Environment

We believe a collaborative work environment encourages flexibility and promotes camaraderie, leading to better engagement in the workplace.

Employee Empowerment

Every employee at BEDANDBASICS is exposed to vital opportunities and is encouraged to take charge of imperative projects.

Startup Culture

We value creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy. We believe this enables us to maneuver with agility and speed.​

Employee Benefits

We offer several fringe benefits and plenty of learning and mentorship opportunities.

Internship Opportunities

At BEDANDBASICS, we offer internship opportunities for students to gain real-life experiences and apply classroom learning through our internship programs. Being an e-commerce startup, we provide a fast paced & dynamic environment, ideal for growth and learning.

Taking Charge of Real-Life Projects

Work-Life Balance

Networking Opportunities

Growth & Learning

Through our internship opportunities, we provide a work environment for young minds from various educational backgrounds to gain hands-on experience & translate their classroom learnings into quantified projects.   

Employee Testimonials

Working at BEDANDBASICS had opened so many doors and opportunities to better myself. I find that the environment here is highly collaborative, and one where I feel safe pitching, sharing and executing my ideas despite being inexperienced. I feel the best thing about BEDANDBASICS is that we will constantly learn and grown. There’s no stagnancy.


Marketing Executive

Working in a community of like-minded individuals, everyone is welcoming – there is a sense of camaraderie, mutual respect, and responsibility – and we all work together to grow. I think it is rare to find such a culture…and it is simply a great place to grow and adventure in! I am blessed and beyond grateful for my time here.


Creative Assistant

Warmth and comfort are what comes to mind when I think of my time here. The company treats me like family, and I always feel encouraged to work harder – every time I make a mistake, my team will not scold me and leave it at that… they would guide me so that in the future I would not make the same mistakes again. Aside from the pleasant work environment, I find great joy and satisfaction in my job – supporting customers by answering customers’ enquiries and problems. This job is equally rewarding and stressful. To be honest, working here has allowed me to grow in different ways – maturity, patience, teamwork, communication and much more. ​

Jin Seng

Customer Service Intern

I still remember presenting to industry partners and students my age at the poly career fair – it was and is the most memorable task till this day. Being in front of such a crowd was unlike any experience I had up till now and it really opened my eyes to the tasks an SME engages in. Not one day has been mundane – I’ve been on photoshoots, tried my hand at copywriting and even started initiatives for the company in my time here. ​


Management Intern

We are constantly on the look out for young individuals with a winning mindset keen to gain experience in a fast-paced & dynamic digital environment, if you want to learn and grow with us, explore our career opportunities today.