How to Create the Perfect Dining Room 


The dining room is more than just a space where families and friends gather for hearty meals. It’s a place where you have meaningful conversations, share belly laughs, and hold big celebrations together. The room is truly an important piece for any home out there.

Nonetheless, when it comes to decorating it, many assume that it’d be a difficult task. With different elements to consider plus thousands of choices out there, the idea can be a little intimidating. This couldn’t be further from the truth! To create a dining space that’s welcoming, cozy and functional for your home, one just needs to find the right pieces. To help you with that, we’ve come up with a little guide so that can create the perfect dining room in your home in no time!

1. Dining Table

The dining table is the centrepiece of the dining room and it’s where food is served. It’s a piece of furniture that brings the room and people together. Just like any other furniture, it comes in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs. Dining tables are also made from different materials to suit your interior style.

Before you shop for a dining table, don’t forget to measure the space with your trusty measurement tape. Don’t know which shape to get? Generally, you should get an oval-shaped or rectangular table if your dining area is rectangular. However, if your space is more on the squarish side, we recommend you get a circular or square-shaped dining table.

In any case, whether you’re in the market for a dining table that’s space-saving or one that’s easy on the eye, here are some great options.

Extendable Dining Table

Extendable dining table is a lifesaver for those who love to entertain guests but live in a compact home. Just like the name suggests, the table comes with the flexibility that allows you to expand it, making it perfect for large gatherings. If you have guests over, extend it, add more chairs and you’ll be good to go! Once the party’s over, simply put it back to its original position to save space.

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Sintered Stone Dining Table

If you want to go for something that makes a statement, there’s no better option than the sintered stone dining tables! Gorgeous to look at, this table is tougher than it looks. It’s resistant to water, heat, and scratches, which makes it a great alternative to the more delicate yet pricier marble. If you’re worried that it won’t look good in your dining space, don’t be! Sintered stone table complements any space. For a more upscale look, get a sintered stone table with golden legs. Prefer something understated? Then one with dark metal legs is a good choice for that.

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Pick the perfect dining table for you with our guide.

2. Dining Chairs

A dining table is incomplete without chairs, where you and your guests would sit on for meals or gatherings. For your dining space, it’s important that you’re able to seat everyone in your household. For example, for a family of 4, getting 4 -6 seats would be ideal.

With dining chairs, you can choose either the individual chair or a bench to go with your table. While both are practical and stylish, the choice comes down to personal preference and what kind of atmosphere you plan on creating. Having a hard time choosing? Well, you can always mix and match! Find out more about each option below.

Individual Dining Chairs

If you’re traditionalist at heart and prefer the classic dining room setup, we suggest getting the good old-fashioned individual dining chairs. They’re practical and offer flexibility as they’re usually lightweight, so you can move them around easily. Individual dining chairs also provide great support for their users, often equipped with a backrest that’s just perfect to lean on after that big meal! This type of chair is a good choice if you’re going for a formal look in your dining space too.

Dining Benches

Clyde Dining Bench

The alternative to the traditional dining chairs is the dining bench. This type of dining chair is a space-stretcher and can seat more people at one time so it’s suitable for homes that host people often. Benches are also great if you want to create a more casual, sociable environment for your space without cluttering it up. However, the downside of dining benches is that they lack flexibility. They’re typically bulky and heavy so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of getting one.

3. Storage

Another important component to the perfect dining room is proper storage furniture. Besides providing storage for your essentials, it can add sophistication and style to the space (not to mention it keeps it tidy!). For your storage piece, pick something that can complement your table and chairs while providing huge storage space like a kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are typically used to store your dinnerware, glassware, and home appliances in your dining space. They keep your space clutter-free and organized so that you can focus on your meals and your time with your loved ones in peace. If you have fine plateware, you don’t have to keep them hidden! Put them on display by opting for a cabinet with open shelving or a glass front.

4. Accessories

Want to elevate your dining space even further? Besides the essential pieces we’ve talked about, you can also throw in other elements to really make your room shine. Things like side tables and rugs are great options that you can get to spruce up the feel of your dining room without taking up too much space.

Side table

Feel that your dining table’s a bit too crowded? Pair it with a side table! This type of table is usually lightweight and comes in smaller sizes, so you don’t have to worry about it eating up space. Besides using it to put extra platters of food, you can place a vase with flowers, houseplants, or other decorations on it for a more refined look to your dining room.


Don’t underestimate the power of the mighty rug! While they may look like a simple accessory, rugs can add texture and warmth to your dining area. When placed underneath the table, rugs can provide comfort to you and your guests during your meals. For a splash of personality to your space, pick a rug with a whimsical, vibrant design or go for a muted one to tie your minimalist décor together!

In essence,

Creating the perfect dining room for your home can seem tough but with our guide, we hope you’ll be able to find the right pieces for your space. Any home can benefit from having a comfortable and inviting dining space – after all, it’s where you eat, gather, and celebrate!

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