10 Myths About Mattresses That Big Brands Won’t Tell You


A mattress is a big purchase. Many people believe that more expensive mattresses are automatically better, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are a lot of myths about mattresses that big brands don’t want you to know.

In this blog post, we’ll dispel some of those myths and help you choose the right mattress for your needs. Stay tuned!

All mattresses sleep hot.

If you’re someone who tends to get sweaty during the night, you know how important it is to find a mattress that won’t make you even hotter. You might think that memory foam would be a good option since it conforms to your body, but it actually traps heat and can make you even hotter. Instead, opt for a latex mattress or pocket coil mattress. These options are much cooler and will help you sleep more comfortably throughout the night. Plus, they’re also more supportive so you’ll wake up feeling well-rested instead of sore. So if temperature is your main concern when it comes to finding a mattress, latex or pocket coil is the way to go.

All Latex mattresses are natural.

Awe agree that latex mattresses are eco-friendly and supportive compared to traditional ones, but not all latex mattresses are the same. Some synthetic latex mattresses feature petroleum-based materials and other chemicals that do not benefit us.

Coil count is important.

Coil counts present in spring beds are a prime selling feature, but the brands often overinflated their importance. Companies offering these mattresses have high coil counts, sometimes over 1000; hence these are pricier than the others.

However, studies have proven that these coil counts are not that effective when it comes to comfort or durability. The type of coil used in the mattresses is more important for its overall durability and user satisfaction.

No need to rotate your mattress

Almost all brands recommend users not to flip their beds, while some also recommend rotating the mattress, but it might not be that effective. We agree that you should not flip one-sided mattresses; however, you will have to rotate some mattresses every few months.

If you don’t rotate it, your mattress will get softer, and you can sleep much quicker.

A mattress topper is handy.

Some retailers say that toppers are a universal solution to various mattress issues. However, the fact is toppers are not that effective. The toppers are designed to add padding and have many pressure point relief, so they are perfect if your bed is rigid.

However, a topper might not help if your mattress is soft. Similarly, a topper will not help if you have a sagging mattress.

A firm mattress is ideal for a bad back.

You might have also heard that hard mattresses are more supportive and supportive for your back. However, modern studies have proven that mattresses with medium firmness are better for your back. A hard bed forces your back and keeps your shoulders up, and you will not get any back support.

A pricier bed means a better bed.

Another thing that big brands will not tell you is that expensive mattresses are not always healthier. As per consumer reports, you can easily find a supportive mattress for under $1000. Some companies are arbitrarily expensive, charging more bucks while using poor-quality materials.

Replacement in every 8 years.

Most sellers recommend changing your mattress after 8 years. However, this is not true; most mattresses last much longer than this period. However, some mattresses can become unsupportive after a few years.

Remember no need to change your mattress if it is working fine even after eight years. However, if you feel that your mattress has become unsupportive, you should consider replacing it.


It’s time to break the silence. These mattress myths have been perpetuated for far too long by big brands who want you to think you need a new, expensive mattress every few years. We hope now you can decide which mattress is ideal for you and make an informed purchase without emptying your wallet.

Have any questions regarding mattresses? Feel free to comment below.

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