How to Find Your Dream Sofa on a Budget


The sofa is one of the most sought-after furniture, mainly because it makes or breaks your living space. A good sofa has common characteristics: comfortable, good size and attractive silhouette. But how do you find your dream sofa on a budget?

We’ve got you covered!  

Space, Space and…Space 

Do you have limited space to work with but don’t want a sofa that looks like a sofa bed? Why not opt for an L-shaped sofa bed! Sofa beds are one of the most versatile pieces – serving as a sofa to lounge on and a mattress for afternoon naps! You could simply turn your living room into an extra guest room for impromptu sleepover with your friends.  

When picking out a sofa bed, consider the following: configurations, colour and comfort level. If you value coziness over style, you will want to pick a sofa that has backrests that could be adjusted to fit your posture and removeable seats so you could move it around whenever required. Talk about versatility AND practicality! 

Experiment with Colours  

If you pride yourself to be the creative one out of your friends, you will naturally want to woo your guests with your artsy furniture and home décor. We all know that the living room is arguably the most important part of the house – it is (most of the time) the first room you bring your guests in therefore your sofa plays a key role in bringing all your furniture together in harmony.  

Beyond the usual white, beige and grey, there is a world of colourful sofas waiting to be discovered and explored! You can never go wrong with a splash of blue in your living room. Although it is a cool tone, there is something cozy and welcoming about this shade of blue.  

Pair it with contrasting cushion colours such as yellow or orange to add an extra oomph

Perfect for Lounging  

With a chaise extension, wide seating and plush cushions, an L-shaped sofa makes it the perfect place to lounge all day long. A house simply does not feel like home until you have purchased a nice, comfortable sofa you are proud of!

Have you ever wondered to yourself – “Can I really find a big, cushy sectional without hurting my wallet?” Of course, you can! Casual but luxurious, simple but sophisticated, durable but comfortable, your dream sofa on a budget! If you are a homebody, pick a sofa that makes you warm and fuzzy, a sofa you look forward to coming home to after a long day’s work.  


The thought of owning a light-colored sofa might be scary to some. However, a white or beige sofa is easy to style as it is neutral and pairs effortlessly with almost any colour. Look around your home – does your furniture have a cool or warm under tone?  

Colours such as yellow and orange go well with warm under tone furniture. On the other hand, hues like grey and blue pairs well with cool under tone furniture. So, before you go ahead and purchase your dream sofa, consider these factors. The last thing you want is for your sofa to stick out like a sore thumb! 

Classic Style

Why not spice things up with a leather sofa? Besides its stunning appearance, a leather sofa is timeless, exceptionally durable, and super easy to clean. Their hypoallergenic and odour-repellent properties make it ideal for pet owners and families with children.  

A good leather sofa exudes class and luxury – it screams quality. Leather also gets better over time! With time, the material becomes more supple and softer as it adjusts to your body, making it wonderfully comfortable for you and your guests.  

Did you know that some leather sofas can transform a space to appear bigger and wider? If you have limited space to work with, look for a leather sofa with removable legs so that you could create an illusion of higher ceilings. 

Who says you cannot find an affordable sofa made of leather?

You don’t have to spend a ton to create your dream living room. We hope with these tips you will be able to pick your dream sofa on a budget! Shop for our wide range of affordable sofas at BEDANDBASICS today! 


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