5 Reasons to Get a Hi-Tech Fabric Sofa


If you are in search of a new sofa for your home, look no further. Let us introduce you to hi-tech fabric – the perfect fabric for your next sofa. Come learn more about its benefits with us today!

What is Hi-Tech Fabric?

Ever heard of hi-tech fabric before? If you have not, don’t worry! We’re here to help you understand this fabric better.

Being one of the best fabric creations today, hi-tech fabric is a high performance fabric. What makes it so great is also its water-resistant, abrasion-resistant and anti-static properties! Not forgetting its leather-like features & texture. Don’t be fooled by its appearances though! Hi-tech fabric is NOT leather. Nonetheless, its premium and luxurious appearance will look amazing in your home.

Now behold the benefits of hi-tech fabric.

Highly breathable

Have you ever sat on a leather sofa and felt sticky after sitting on it for a long time? Well, good news for you! Hi-tech fabric is very breathable and comfortable, so rest assured that you would not experience this icky feeling. Especially in Singapore’s humid weather, this makes hi-tech fabric the ideal upholstery to rest comfortably on your sofas. 

Highly durable

Unlike leather which peels and cracks after being exposed to sunlight, hi-tech fabric is designed to be long-lasting. You can rest assured that its top layer does not peel and lose its colour easily. What else can we say? Hi-tech fabric is simply one of the most amazing and durable upholsteries.

Stain and water-resistant

Do you often find yourself putting off the maintenance of your furniture? If your answer is yes, perhaps you would like to consider a hi-tech fabric sofa! Hi-tech fabric is very easily maintained, considering its stain and water-resistant nature. Any spills or stains from your food or beverages can be taken care of with just a simple wipe. Especially if you have kids at home, this benefit will come in handy more often than not.

Luxurious look

Since hi-tech fabric looks like leather, sofas upholstered in it will look just as good as a leather one. Its elegant look can fit into the interiors of any home!

Amazing texture

Not only does hi-tech fabric look the part, but it also feels the part. It has a smooth and wonderful touch to it, so you get to sit and rest comfortably on your sofa.


Now that we have shared these benefits with you, are you convinced yet? Wait no longer and shop for a hi-tech fabric sofa to enjoy all these benefits!

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