Ultimate Guide to Space-Saving Furniture


With homes in Singapore getting smaller and smaller, we must find innovative ways to make the most of our living space. While it seems to difficult to mix functionality with design and aesthetic, rest assured, its not that complicated. Lets break it down! 

The answer: Space-saving furniture! From convertible to smart multi-purpose furniture, space-saving pieces never fail to impress. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect furniture for your humble abode! 

Living Room

Sofa Bed

To begin, a sofa bed is easily one of the most popular solutions for studio or 2-room flats. Why? Well, it’s multifunctional, you can use it to hosts guests during the day and offer a comfortable place for sleepovers. Not to mention, they are also affordable! 

Storage Sofa Beds

Sofas do tend to take up more than half of the space in living rooms. So, you might as well make the most of it by using it for added storage! 

When picking out the best furniture, do consider your space & lifestyle. For a small space, a compact storage sofa bed with cupholders and shelves would be ideal. 

For a larger space, you might want to consider a larger sofa bed which can transform into a comfortably sized double bed. Extra storage ottomans can be versatile, offering multiple lounging configurations as well. 


Under-bed Storage Beds

In a small bedroom, finding places to store your possessions is a real challenge. One of the best ways to tackle this is to just chuck it under your bed. Out of sight, out of mind, right? A budget-friendly option would be beds with taller legs to provide that extra under-bed storage space. 

Tip: Boxes and baskets are great organising tools! 

Lift-Up Storage Beds 

While these containers do serve to stow-away your items, some people do prefer to keep them completely out of sight. In this case, a lift-up storage bed does wonders for the room. Keeping all your less-frequently used items hidden away! Sleep soundly when your room is clutter-free.

Drawer Storage Beds

Lifting storage beds might pose a safety concern to some, but fret not! A much friendlier option would be drawer storage beds.  

As the sliding drawers are so convenient, you can keep your essentials within reach. Convenient and space-saving, the best combination ever!

Loft Beds

If you have a much smaller room to work with, Loft beds can maximize floor space for extra work and play! From a child’s dream room to the ultimate bachelor pad, the versatile loft bed is suitable for all.  

Live Big Even in Small Spaces

While we can Marie Kondo our way through our homes, there is only so much we can do to organise our belongings!  

With this guide to space-saving furniture, we’re sure you can give your habitat a make-over into a comfortable and multi-functional space in no time. Find your perfect space-saving furniture at BEDANDBASICS today! 

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