How to Find Furniture Suitable to All Interiors


If the glass slipper fits! 

I am sure that most of us have encountered a ‘One Size Fits All’ nightmare when shopping for clothes. The perfect piece that fits all shapes and hugs all curves does not seem to exist.  

While fashion is a far cry away from any such findings, home décor might have found such solutions. There are some pieces of furniture that wear the glass slipper better than Cinderella does, and here’s how to identify furniture suitable for all interiors!

First, let us familiarize ourselves with some popular interior design styles: 

Popular Styles of Interior Design in a glance: Scandinavian, Modern, Traditional, Mid-Century and Bohemian.
Popular Styles of Interior Design in a glance: Scandinavian, Modern, Traditional, Mid-Century and Bohemian.

Scandinavian style: Uses bright, lighter colours with woody textures and natural finishing.

A mimimalistic Japanese Zen-inspired Scandinavian living room.
Aube Wooden Drawer Storage Bed Frame (Japan Size)

Modern Minimalism: Combination of versatile materials like wood, metal and glass. Neutral colour palettes accentuated by sleek, clean silhouettes.

A modern living room featuring the Sanctum Leather Sofa. Detailed with wood and metal finishes.
Sanctum Leather Sofa

Traditional: Dark tones embellished with ornamental furnishings and decorative elements.

A traditional Feo Chesterfield Sofa with decorative embellished designs.
Feo Tuxedo Chesterfield 3-Seater Sofa – Blue Velvet (Water Repellent)

Mid-century: Inspired by popular artists like Eames, mid-century design has an minimalistic vintage look. Features leather upholstery and bold tones.

Mid-Century Frank Tuxedo Chesterfield Sofa showcasing a vintage look with bold tones with leather upholstery.
Frank Tuxedo Chesterfield 3-Seater Sofa

Bohemian style: Complex and ambiguously fluid. Layers of colours, designs and patterns adorn soft structures.

Quinn Velvet Armchair

Versatile furniture is a fusion of these popular stylings:

  • Features bright and neutral colours.
Bright and neutral wood tone seen on Dani Coffee Table.
Dani Coffee Table
  •  Inspired from mid-century designs, upgraded for the modern era: minimalism meets industrial vintage.
Mid-Century modern Dusk Sofa. Clean silhouette whilst paying homage to the vintage look.
Dusk 3-seater Sofa
  • · Sleek straight silhouettes: clean lines, streamlined shapes and soft edges.
Soft edges adorned the attractive, sleek Eadie Coffee Table.
Eadie Coffee Table
  • Dark tones with lighter, neutral colour accents.
Dark wooden lacquer covers the drawers of the Danette Coffee Table.
Danette Coffee Table
  • Solid wood furnishings.
Featuring attractive natural wood grain, the Kammi Solid Wood Side Table showcases understated elegance.
Kammi Solid Wood Side Table

Bottom line: 

Neutral tones and minimalist modern styles are inclined to suit most homes and flatter almost any space. Hopefully this guide on how to identify furniture suitable for all interiors helped you. All the best in your search for that versatile gem!


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