5 DIY Tips: How To Maintain Wooden Furniture

Easy home remedies to maintain wood furniture.

How to tips to maintain wooden furniture.
5 Easy DIY Home Remedies to Maintain Wooden Furniture.

Wooden furniture is a great addition to any room by providing a touch of Mother Nature, not to mention that gorgeous wood grain😍. However, to elongate their lifespan one must properly care for it! Below is a guide on how to maintain wooden furniture:

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A queen worthy of her crown, wooden furniture may require higher maintenance but to maintain her beauty we must take care of her. Three common ailments that might befall her majesty’s strength and appearance would include common mold, surface chips, and bugs.  Maintaining wooden furniture requires effort but it does not have to be complicated. In this guide, we’ll share easy remedies that require minimal ingredients.

Maintain Wooden Furniture: Get Rid of Mould, Surface Chips & Bugs

Guide To Maintaining Wooden Furniture: Mould, Surface Chips and Bugs. Easy tips to maintain wood furniture.

Tip 1: Get Rid of Common Mould

  • Mix equal parts dishwashing soap and warm water, using a soft-bristled brush (a gentle toothbrush works!) lightly scrub the mouldy surface. Make sure to immediately dry the excess liquid. 

Tip 2: Get Rid of Surface Chips

  • One home remedy for minor surface chips and superficial scratches on wooden surfaces would be to apply clear nail polish to the affected area and use fine sandpaper to file down. This would ensure that the resealed surface is even. 

DIY Tip 3: Get Rid of Bugs

  • One way to identify an ant infestation is through common sightings of stray ants or trails of dark ants around your wood furniture. For termites, you can keep a lookout for sawdust, wood-coloured droppings or shed wings.
  • To get rid of the bugs, you can wrap the wood in heavy plastic and leave it under the sun for 2-3 days, suffocating them as well as getting rid of any moisture in the wood that might welcome further infestation. To prevent an infestation in the first place, ensure that your wooden furniture is not exposed to excess moisture (SG’s great humidity aside).

Maintain Wooden Furniture: Cleaning Water & Heat Stains 

Are you one of those annoying customers that go to an eating establishment, get a cold drink, and then proceed to not use a coaster? Well, I have my moments of weakness too. While at a food court, it is not our immediate concern, it will be one at home. 

Those stained rings on the table annoy the living daylights out of me and if you feel similarly, these home remedies might just be for you:

Guide To Maintaining Wooden Furniture: Water & Heat Stains. Home remedies to maintain wood furniture.

DIY Tip 4: Get Rid of Water Stains

Water spilled on wooden surface from cup. Maintain wood furniture: cleaning water stains.
  • Form a paste with equal parts water and baking soda.
  • Rub the paste onto the affected area in circular motions until the stain is removed.
  • Wipe the surface clean and dry after.
  • Alternatively, apply petroleum jelly and let it sit overnight, wiping it off the next day.
Heat stained wooden surface from hot baking pan. Maintain wood furniture: clean heat stains.

DIY Tip 5: Get Rid of Heat Stains

  • Form a paste with equal parts non-gel toothpaste and baking soda.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, rub the mixture into the surface until it feels heated.
  • Wipe it clean with another damp cloth.
  • Dry the surface right after.
  • Repeat on a dry surface until the mark is gone.
  • Revitalize the wood with furniture polish or oil right after to treat and protect the wood. 

In conclusion, maintaining wooden furniture requires effort but manageable.

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Aube Wooden Drawer Storage Bed Frame (Japan Size)

Wooden furniture is versatile, classic, and timeless; and to protect that rustic charm and appeal, one must be prepared with the knowledge on how to maintain its beauty and enhance its presence. Follow the instructions on this guide to maintain your wood furniture! If you’re looking to purchase wooden tables, do also read What is a wood slab or live edge table?  


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