4 Tips to Make the Best out of your Online Furniture Shopping Experience at Bedandbasics


Online furniture shopping can be a scary experience for some. That’s why we’re here to share 4 Tips to make the best out of your online furniture shopping experience at Bedandbasics.

1. Create an Account for $10 off your First Purchase

First of all, create an account with us. For every new account, Bedandbasics rewards you with a welcome gift of 10 reward points. 10 reward points are equivalent to $10. This means you’ll get $10 off your first purchase! 

2. Subscribe to our Newsletter for Online Furniture Deals & Promotions

It’s time to start your online furniture shopping adventure! When you enter our homepage, one of the first things you’ll see is the main banner. This is where you’ll see the latest deals and promotions.

Don’t miss out on our latest deals by subscribing to our newsletter and making sure they don’t go to your spam box. 

Subscribe to our newsletter for promotions, updates and more!

3. Request for Real-Life Photos of the Product

Next, hesitant to make a purchase because you can’t see the product in-person? Though we do not have a showroom, our customer service team are more than happy to share product photos sent by our customers.

Image of Adams Ash Wood bedframe from our website' product page.
Product image from our page.
Image of Adams Ash Wood Bedframe sent by our customer.
Image sent by our customer.

This will help you better visualise the products in a realistic, home setting. Just drop your requests on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Do note that not all products have photos sent by our customers.

4. Enjoy Free Standard Delivery above $150 Spend

Lastly, whenever you spend above $150, you’ll get to enjoy a free standard delivery service. For Standard Delivery, the delivery date and time depends on our logistic’s partner schedule and typically takes 5-7 working days.

Enjoy free standard delivery for orders above $150 spend. Upgrade to premium delivery at $19.90

However, if you require the delivery to be on a specific date and time, we recommend you to upgrade to premium delivery at $19.90. The premium delivery service will allow you to pick the date/time of your preference.

These are the 4 tips to make the best out of your online furniture shopping experience at Bedandbasics. If you have any further questions about the shopping experience in Bedandbasics, you can read our FAQ here.


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