10 tips for a minimalist makeover


We are a great fan of all things beautiful especially when it comes to home and furnishing.

Today we share with everyone some tips on some simple ways you can transform your living space, to make your property more beautiful and clean looking while not burning a deep hole in your pocket!

1. Paint

Mindful Interior

The choice of paint is the canvas of a minimalist makeover. Think oreo! The vast majority of minimalist rooms are painted in colors which have shades of black as an accent. If your rooms do not have enough lighting for white colors to work well, soft neutral colors like light grey work well too.

2. Bed Linens


Minimal bedrooms only require very basic and neutral bed linens to pull it off. That means more money can be spent on the quality and texture of your bed linens and less on intricate patterns or designs that come with it.

3. Bare or Sheer Windows

Mindful Interior

Every minimal space has 2 types of windows: Sheer or bare. Getting the light right is an important aspect of having a minimalist design and this will require you to keep your window coverings simple or bare.

4. Clutter Free Shoe Cabinets

Mindful Interior

Having shoe cabinets, in-built or a ready-made purchase is a great way to manage your living room space and keep things looking neat.

5. Rugs


Having a rugs is a good way to compliment a minimalist design and also improve the comfort and feel of your home. A pretty rug does not have to be expensive and can blend very well with the floor or your furniture.

6. Setup a white curtain as a divider instead of a wall partition


If you are living in an apartment in limited space, you can consider using a curtain divider instead of a wall divider. This is especially useful if you are renting and do not want to spend unnecessary dollars reinstating to get your security deposit back.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent choice to make your space look bigger and brighter.

8. Hanging Plants

Some greens will never go wrong. A hanging plant tucked neatly in a strategic awkward corner will making your space look natural and liven up the atmosphere.

9. Touch of Wood

Shades of wood is an excellent choice. Not only do they have a natural shade of warmth, they add some pretty contrast to white backdrops and blend will with natural light.

10. Overhead Lighting

A brass scone or creative pendants can be very affordable and does wonders to improve the look of your living space.

Any more tips on how to have a minimalist make-over? Do share them with us in the comments section below!


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